5 Tunisian Rap Songs We Can’t Stop Listening to

These are the rappers shaping the scene

Almost immediately after the fall of Ben Ali’s regime, the rap scene in Tunisia quite literally exploded. Much like the birth of hip-hop in 1970s New York, Tunisian rap started as an outlet, and once the Arab Spring took its course, emerging rappers began flooding the nation.

Despite the lack of infrastructure and a proper music industry, these artists have managed to carve out their niche and find their audience. Thanks to the internet, Tunisian rap has made its way across the world, finding an unsuspecting audience in London, Beirut, and of course Tunisia.

These are five tracks we can’t stop listening to.


Dabl De – Salli Ala Naby

4lfa – Basic

Terro – Atra7afra7

Pazaman & Vipa

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