Turns Out, Bella and Gigi Hadid Are Actual Descendants of Palestinian Royalty

Mohamed Hadid was not lying when he called Bella a princess

In case you needed a fun fact to drop next time you’re making conversation with someone, here’s one: Bella and Gigi Hadid actually descend from royalty.  Yeah, you read that right— real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid and his supermodel daughters happen to in fact be the ultimate nepo-babies of all time as the clan are  some of the direct descendants of Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth, Sheikh of Galilee, and ruler of northern Palestine. 

Rewind back to a couple of centuries ago, when the Ottoman Empire was still thriving, and more importantly, before Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes by a deluded group of Europeans that claimed to be indigenous to the land, Bella, Gigi, and Anwar Hadid’s great-great-grandfather administered substantial parts of the holy land, notably responsible for the construction of Haifa’s main port. 

Sat at the head of his own autonomous sheikhdom until 1774, Al Omer was a prominent and influential figure in middle-aged Middle Eastern history, responsible for many urban and economic developments in his demesne. Starting in the 1730s, Al Omer ruled over Galilee and expanded his territory to cover several cities, including Akka, which he fortified and turned into a hub for cotton trade with Europe. He later took control of Haifa, Tanutra, and Mount Mar Elias, and at the peak of his powers, his dominion stretched from the equivalent of present-day Beirut all the way up to Gaza. 

Given the gravitas of the piece of information, we were quite surprised to discover this bombshell fact so late in the stellar careers of the Hadid sisters. However, a quick scroll through the family patriarch’s Instagram feed is enough to realize that this information has been laying under our noses for several years now. 

Indeed, a handful of posts can actually be found where the 74-year-old father of Bella and Gigi expands, and proudly boasts, about his lineage. In 2020, the Palestinian-American property developer had already provided some insight into the family’s heritage through a carousel post that included several grainy black-and-white pictures of Haifa’s port, a map of the former Palestinian railway system, an old commercial plane that used to fly tourists to the coastal city, as well as a portrait painting of his relative with a book in hand and a scimitar at his waist. 


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Une publication partagée par Mohamed Hadid (@mohamedhadid)

“Haifa Palestine from the 18th century the port was built by my great grandfather Daher Al Omer 1730… you can see it in his portrait and you can travel to these cities by Palestine Airway and Palestine Railway. It was and is still a beautiful city,” Hadid captioned the post.

This weekend, the father of five took to his Instagram again to grace us with a lengthy paragraph dedicated to his youngest daughter with his ex-wife, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid, Bella, expressing how much he misses her and reminding the world of the heightened importance of their lineage. 

“Missing my youngest daughter Princess Of Nazareth the Great great granddaughter of the ruler of Palestine in the 1700 Daher Al Omer and his sons that ruled Tabarias Safad Nazareth Khalil Haifa and the rest of the land of Galilee. Watch her this season with her sister @gigihadid on @netflix (sic),” he wrote.

And here we thought he was just being an overly dramatic and extra dad with his Instagram captions hyping up his daughters, but nope, turns out the Hadid sisters are literal Palestinian princesses.


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Une publication partagée par Mohamed Hadid (@mohamedhadid)


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