TV Series to Binge on During Ramadan

Perfect for post-iftar downtime

Of the many things we look forward to during Ramadan, entertainment is definitely at the top of the list—in particular all the TV series, or better yet, mousalsals, we’ve waited for all year.

From Egypt to Morocco, we rounded up the season’s best TV shows for you to binge on.

Selsal al Dam

The final season from the ultra-popular
Selsel al Dam is something many of us have been waiting for. For those who haven’t already seen the show, it’s a drama centered around the mayor of a rural Egyptian village, his rival and his family.

Tej Al Hadhra

The Tunisian series chronicles the life of Tunisian Beys, giving us a new perspective on the historic figures.

3awalem Khafeya

The series is centered around the story of a journalist and his relationship with his family—and the dilemma he ultimately faces after discovering documents that implicate prominent politicians, putting himself and his family in danger.

Halawet al Dunia

Layali Eugenie

Starring Hend Sabri, Halawat El Donia follows the story of Amina, a girl whose life took an unexpected turn after a Leukemia diagnosis. The series is a tale of courage, showcasing the ways Amina’s disease, and her fight against it influenced those around her.

Layali Eugenie


Set in 1940s Egypt, Layali Eugenie is the tale of a Princess accused of her husband’s murder. The story is centered around the efforts put in by her brother-in-law in order to prove her innocence, only for him to fall in love with her in the process.

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