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Two Middle Eastern Clubs in DjMag’s Top 100

We know how to party

It’s summer, birds are flying, people are getting vaccinated, and there is only one way we should all be feeling like: festive. Arguably, our region knows how to throw the best parties in the world and although the past year or so has been quite quiet for obvious reasons, a handful of venues across the Arab World have still managed to somehow rise from their ashes and keep on blasting tunes amidst the global pandemonium we are still going through. 

DJ mag, a well-respected British monthly magazine dedicated to electronic dance music and its surrounding culture, has just released its scrupulous list of top 100 nightclubs of 2021 with two spots assigned to the Middle East. 

The Grand Factory, who leaped over 13 spots since last year, is at the 84th position. The three storied club, which was the first Beiruti discotheque to be included in the top 100 ever, opened in 2014 on the site of a mattress factory. The club is renowned for being a participant in Lebanon’s fight to stay afloat by “supporting (their) community through several donation drives, in addition to making (their) venue an accessible venue for all”. A set of initiatives that we can only salute as Lebanon continues to struggle through its never-ending buckle of misfortunes. 

Coming in at the 15th position, White Dubai is the region’s leading venue for more than one reason. The club is also known for having made history for hosting the first high-tech outdoor rooftop in the emirate. Now considered as a fully-fledged OG in Dubai’s nightlife, the club is a must-visit anchor if you are ever steered towards the small nation of the Gulf. 


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Highlighting the region’s musical potential while proving to be able to appeal to an audience that trespasses the borders of the Arab World, we only hope to see more and more talents and venues pop up and boast a sound that can only make the rest of the world blush. 

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