people in quarantine meme

10 Types of People in Quarantine

We all know one of these

people in quarantine meme

With everyone now forcibly becoming an apartment-dweller, quarantine is hitting us all a little differently. Unless of course, you’ve long been a long-standing self-sequestering hermit – in which case, your life probably hasn’t really changed. 

For the majority of us, confinement has manifested different versions of ourselves. Just to be clear, there isn’t really a right or wrong way to be in quarantine. Whatever this pandemic has turned you into, embrace it. 

All that matters is that you’re practicing social distancing so we can get back some sense of normalcy. If not, then you can expect to be one of these types of people for much longer than needed. 

The over protective older children calling their boomer parents every day to yell at them for going to the store.

The I’ll-do-it-next-week person who keeps pushing the novel they’ve been meaning to write for 10 years.

The super productive person who boasts how much they’re achieving on IG every day.

The capitalist who is overly optimistic about the effects of coronavirus. 

The sceptic who was in denial about the dangers of coronavirus and is now in full freak-out mode. 

The person who thinks obsessive fitness is the cure. 

The person who is constantly on HouseParty and Zoom dates, and feels the need to screenshot them and share them 

The news-obsessed analyst spending an excessive amount of time trying to calculate if they’ll be able to celebrate their birthday in Tulum in June. 

The self-sequestering hermit who is enjoying quarantine a bit too much. 

The obsessive cleaner who “can never be too careful”.

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