Football Fight Duabi

UAE Authorities Order Arrest of Rioting Football Fans

Taking derbies, a tiny bit too far

Football Fight Duabi

While in practice football isn’t the most dangerous of sports, the atmosphere surrounding the game can make both players and fans can get a little aggressive. Especially when it comes to playing crucial games. Last weekend, Al Ain and Al Wahda, two Emirati clubs from the Sheikhdom’s capital, faced each other in a fearsome match to say the least.

After Al Ain took three precious points back home with them, supporters from both sides clashed frantically prompting local authorities to order the arrest of partaking brawling individuals. It has been reported that attendees were seen jumping stands and heading to the opposite quarter of the Al Nahyan Stadium to scuff.

“UAE laws provide protection for all individuals and set strict penalties for those violating laws and regulations in order to ensure the security and safety of all members of the public,” prosecutors said.

Abu Dhabi Police also had their word to say as they requested more sportsmanship and respect all throughout games and fixtures. In a statement, representatives “urge(d) football fans to avoid intolerance on and off the field and on social media.”

Now clear off their close challengers by 7 points, we hope to see a more tranquil setting next time both sides meet. 

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