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The UAE Just Changed its Tourist Visa Rules

Here’s everything you need to know

Considering the scorching heat, travel to the UAE in the summer is pretty low-paced. So, in an effort to boost tourism during the season, the UAE Cabinet just announced a few rules.


The Cabinet, spearheaded by UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, just made the decision to exempt any and all visa fees for dependents under 18 years of age visiting the gulf nation between July 15th and September 15th.


The decision comes after a series of recent legislative changes, which include the exemption of all visa fees for transit passengers staying in the UAE for no longer than 48 hours. However, if travelers wish to stay for a total of 96 hours (4 days), a transit visa can be purchased for just 50 AED that can be paid at the express passport-control counters.


The new legislation has also made things easier for those who overstayed their visas. A new 6-month visa will be introduced the numerous jobseekers who tend to fall in the category.


In an effort to encourage voluntary departure for those without residency status, the fines for overstaying visas have also been exempt. Those who pay for their flight tickets outside of the UAE will avoid having a ‘No Entry’ stamp on their passport and will be allowed to enter the gulf nation for future visits.


Anyone who has entered the UAE in an unlawful manner will still be banned from entering the nation for two years. Under the new laws, they will however avoid fines during three-month ‘amnesty period’ that started in August 1st and due to end October 31st. Those who fall in this category are still under the condition of purchasing their own tickets to leave the UAE.


To those looking to adjust their visa status, there’s good news. Those in this position will now be capable of changing their residency status without having to leave and re-enter the UAE.  The newly introduced law hopes to ease off the financial burden that comes with re-entry.

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