The Ultimate Guide to Dahab

Say hello to Egypt’s hidden gem

Tucked behind the South Sinai mountains lies Dahab, a small remote Bedouin fishing town turned treasured travel destination.


Dahab—literally meaning gold in Arabic—got its name for its golden sandy beaches and soon became known as one of the world’s premier sea diving resorts. After the Arab Spring and the military coup, tourism took a hit, but the town has made its comeback—and not just for its diving sites.


Upon my first visit to Dahab, it became abundantly clear why tourists continue to flock there. Despite being just 80 kilometres from Sharm El Sheikh, it’s anything but a resort town. It’s a Bedouin town, with little government funding. The streets are unpaved, with farm animals roaming around.  


But it’s undeniably charming—in a way almost difficult to put in words. So much so, that a few people I met there had come to visit as tourists and stayed for the better part of the last 20 years and barely had an explanation as to why.


I caught up with one of the locals I met there to give us the definitive list of where to stay, eat, and hang.



Where to Stay


Acacia Hotel


Located in the heart of the town, Acacia Hotel is perfect for anyone looking for a cozy, calm and relaxed stay.


Dahab Paradise


A quaint beach-front hotel right outside of town.


Swiss Inn Resort


Perfect if you’re visiting Dahab with your family.



Where to Eat


King Chicken

If you’re looking for a taste of traditional Egyptian food, this is the place to go.


Red Cat

Red Cat is known for their great selection of fresh foods. They also have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Make sure to call in for a reservation as they tend to get booked up quickly.



Where to hangout


Yalla Bar

It’s the most well-known bar in Dahab. Great for both day-time and night.


Everyday Café


A super cozy spot to grab your morning coffee, with a spectacular Red Sea view.



What to do


The Blue Hole


A must-see sight in Dahab – It’s a submarine sinkhole on the coast of the Red Sea, the second-best snorkelling and diving spot in the world.


Three Pools


A great spot to dive, snorkel and swim. You can also go on a camel or horse ride with a great view of the sea and mountains.

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