valentino animal crossing

Valentino is Taking Over Animal Crossing

The fashion house goes digital

valentino animal crossing

At this point, Animal Crossing is literally synonymous with quarantine. The Nintendo Switch game quickly became the perfect way to kill hours while we’re all on lockdown, and it just got a major upgrade. 

You can now create your own custom Valentino clothing for the viral game. To celebrate their Spring Summer 2020 and Pre-Fall 2021 collections, the fashion house partnered up with Kara Chung, the woman behind the instantly-viral IG account @animalcrossingfashionarchive, to create 20 looks for the game.

Chung, who is a fashion photographer by trade, launched the account once social distancing measures began being put in place, making shopping out of the question. The photographer turned to recreating clothing digitally, on Animal Crossing, of course.

Chung’s account quickly amassed 40,000 followers, and now she’s partnered up with a major fashion house for a full digital collection. The Valentino looks feature everything from colourful men’s spring shorts to fluorescent dresses.

If you’re a big Animal Crossing and Valentino fan , all you need to do is enter each item’s code into the game so your characters’ can sport them.

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