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What You Should Really Do on Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, in a relationship… or somewhere in between

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day sucks, and not just for those who are single. It sucks when you’re in a relationship too – especially if it’s new. But by far the worst of all is when you’re stuck in that awkward in-between relationship (aka a situationship) whereby you don’t really know what you are but you expect some kind of gift, but you also don’t want to seem like you care.

My sister’s birthday falls on the dreaded day, so I always have an excuse not to celebrate but not everyone is that lucky. For that reason, we came up with a couple of fun things you can do on the day irrespective of your relationship status.

If You’re Single

Check into Palazzo Versace, take selfies in your bathrobe and post them on IG. Order room service and have an indulgent sleepover alone. Let everyone assume you’ve been whisked away by your non-existent significant other.

Post your best throwback bikini pic from your last holiday – pretend it’s happening now. Revel in all the DMs your exes will be sending you.

Indulge in the greatness of loneliness, call in ‘sick’ from work, lock yourself in your bedroom, binge watch your favourite rom-coms and try not to cry yourself to sleep.  

Buy yourself something ridiculous. Furry Chanel earmuffs? Yeah why not. You deserve it. 

Go on a museum tour. Visit all the best new exhibitions and post them all on your stories. You’ll seem soo far above V-day. You can hide your low-key tears in the brightened room of a gallery and pretend it’s a reaction to the art.

If You’re Sort Of (But Not Really) In A Relationship

Post a pic of flowers that you bought for yourself with zero context. Prepare yourself for disappointment when your almost-bae doesn’t even ask who they’re from.

Leave town. This is the most effective method of avoiding any and all ‘what are we’ awkwardness with your bae-that’s-not-your-bae.

Pretend you’re busy that night. Provide no explanation and take your friend out instead. Catch your not-so-significant other off-guard when you casually drop a pic of your two-person dinner at a dimly lit restaurant.

‘Forget’ to respond to their last text and fire off your best thirst trap on their preferred social network.

If You’re In A Relationship

Take a single friend out for dinner. Show them that they’re special and loved. You already celebrate your love with your s/o on your anniversary so don’t be selfish.

Don’t gush on IG. It’s cringy and no-one wants to see the generic card, balloons, cupcakes, Maison Des Fleurs flowers, or whatever else you got.

Talk about it up early with your s/o – test the waters. Most people don’t actually care about V-day and you don’t want to go overboard.  

If you’re not sure what your s/o wants to do, and you’re too awkward to bring it up, stock up your fridge for an impromptu at-home dinner date in case your s/o shows up at your door with a couple dozen flowers. Also, don’t forget to shower.

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