Versace and Fendi’s ‘Fendace’ Collection Hits the Runway

The ultimate collaboration


Milan Fashion Week is over, and so far it was the most exciting. The highlight being yesterday, for the first time in the history of fashion, Fendi and Versace teamed up to showcase a joint collection. 

Dubbed ‘Fendace’, the show saw Donatella Versace and Kim Jones’s visions melded together like never before. Rather than your typical collaborations—a fashion standard by now—the endeavor was more so a ‘swap’. Each fashion designer took to the other’s label to reimagine their respective labels. 

“It’s a first in the history of fashion: two designers having a true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship. It led to us swapping roles to create these two collections,” said Donatella Versace on the occasion. 

Set in the courtyard of the Versace family palazzo, the show saw the industry’s most recognizable faces strut down the runway. Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss took the stage, joined by Imam Hammam, Emily Ratajkowski and Anja Rubik to name a few. 

The collection was split in two segments: Versace by Fendi and Fendi by Versace—as an ode to Italian fashion and an exploration of the iconic histories of the two fashion houses. 

“Both a celebration of Italian fashion and a to-hell-with-it disruption of the established order of things, Fendace is Fashion with a capital F – and a capital V. Together they stand for freedom, fun and virtuosity,” the designers explained in a statement.


You can watch the show here.

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