Louis Vuitton Nigo collaboration

A Look Inside Louis Vuitton’s Collaboration With Nigo

The future of streetwear is ‘LV Squared’

Louis Vuitton Nigo collaboration

Virgil Abloh just announced that he has a collaboration underway with cult Japanese designer Nigo—founder of Bape, Human Made and The Billionaire Boys Club—for his Pre-Fall 2020 collection. Hitting stores this summer, this collection is the Louis Vuitton Men’s artistic director’s first collaboration since having joined the luxury house in 2018. 

In a recent Dazed interview, Abloh declared that he felt like streetwear (as we traditionally have consumed it) was about to “die”. But as street culture continues to influence high-end menswear and rappers infiltrate the world of luxury more and more; it’s safe to say the collision of both worlds isn’t creating a conflict at all. It has created something new and more innovative: “haute” streetwear.

Louis Vuitton Nigo collaborationLouis Vuitton Nigo collaborationInspired by London’s Mod era and Japan’s 2000s streetwear influences, this tailoring-focused collection is the epitome of what neo-streetwear should look like. 

It’s perfect for someone who is post-streetwear. Someone looking to escape the tired confines of fashion. The collection includes preppy, collegiate-inspired suits and blazers, monogrammed loafers, a monogram tie, a denim suit with its matching bucket hat featuring an oversized LV Damier check, as well as a myriad of leather bags (tote, shoulder and duffel) with the same enlarged damier print. 

Louis Vuitton Nigo collaboration Louis Vuitton Nigo collaborationPerhaps it’s because we’re looking to operate with total freedom when it comes to dressing, or simply because we’re growing up, but what might have seemed passé a few seasons ago, feels so on point in 2020.

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