Virgil Abloh Designs a Completely Transparent Suitcase

Taking luggage to new heights

Virgil Abloh has officially flipped the concept of luggage on its head, and one thing is for sure—TSA agents are going to love it.  


While fans are still anxiously awaiting the release of his collection with Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, Abloh adds to his already-long list of collaborations—this time with German luxury luggage brand Rimowa to celebrate their 120th birthday.


Known for his artistic approach, the recently appointed Louis Vuitton creative director designed two completely transparent suitcases for the label, leaving your personal belongings out on display. “It’s like 3.0 of personalization. It’s not just putting your initials on it, but allowing another layer to come into play,” he told Business of Fashion.



The idea of transparency is anything but new in fashion—Celine’s Pheobe Philo recently pushed the envelope with her line of clear plastic shopping bags— but applying the concept to luggage takes things to new heights, bringing practicality into question.


With security always a travel concern, the design is sure to make TSA agent’s jobs easier. But while the bold design does maintain functionality, the idea of a totally see-through carry-on is sure to leave most of us (and especially our super cautious, theft-fearing Arab parents) anxious.

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