Wall Of Sound

The Music Label Fueling Jeddah’s Underground Music Scene

The Saudi record label is on a mission

Wall Of Sound

When it comes to the region’s music industry, there’s one name that should be on your radar. It’s Ahmed Shawly’s. The Saudi label director spent almost two decades in the industry, from Rotana and Universal Music to Sony Music and Virgin, he’s done it all. He’s now left it all behind, and for good reason. Shawly’s focus is Saudi Arabia’s booming music scene.

Along with sound engineer Ayman Nooh—and two other partners—Shawly founded Wall of Sound, his own Jeddah-based independent record label and recording studio. The homegrown label is built with a community-based approach in mind with a mission to “offer artists the support and guidance needed to freely express their creativity and true highest potential” as their website indicates.

“You still need a label to help you, to perfect your PR and to perfect your sound, and give you experience of how to execute the whole project.” Shawly told Arab News. “The whole principle of Wall of Sound is to support local artists that we believe have potential and an original sound that can be taken to the next level.”

Wall of Sound accompanies their signed artists step by step from recording and mixing all the way to online distribution, music video shooting and international campaigns. And they do it all at affordable charges and the highest levels of quality. 

In a nutshell, Shawly’s mission is to help kickstart the careers of local emerging artists, and it’s well underway. A mere four months after launching, the label has already signed eleven artists, according to Arab News. Amongst them, Saudi alternative rock band Skeleton Crowd who have released their debut single ‘Unus Mundus’ last October and have a debut album in the works.


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Another signee is indie electronic and synth music artist EON. The 20-year-old has released his single ‘Again’ three months ago as part of his forthcoming debut album ‘Forever’. Alternative pop duo Fulana, who have been producing music for over a decade, have also joined the roster.

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