Kendall Jenner

Browtox is the Hottest New Beauty Trend to Try

This simple celeb-approved aesthetic treatment takes off years

Kendall Jenner

A good eyebrow shape can literally change the entire geometry of the face, knocking off years with a few simple adjustments. The same can be said for Botox, the injectable treatment which has become synonymous with aesthetic treatments (and occasionally over-frozen facial features). 

 A new treatment, called Browtox, has become the hottest aesthetic treatment on the market, purely because it seamlessly integrates both of the above: botox and brow definition. It’s quite literally a treatment that focuses on the architecture of the brow, rather than the rest of the face, giving the illusion of a much younger, more shapely face. 

“Many people opt for Botox treatments to help achieve a more youthful look, and now the treatment is helping boost their brows too.” Says world-renowned Emmy-nominated celebrity Doctor Dr. Andrew Ordon from Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Centre International, who has just opened a clinic in Dubai. 

“Botox alone can help shape and create the ideal eyebrow shape” Ordon adds, “The technique used involves injecting Botox into the forehead and temples to tighten the skin and thus lift the brow. When you use Botox and fillers you get an immediate response with softening and filling of wrinkles and a new shape to the brow.”

The treatment’s name is taken from an amalgamation of both ‘brow’ and ‘Botox’, and is a simple non-surgical procedure with zero downtime and maximum results. It’s perfect for anyone with overhanging eyebrows or ‘saggy’ skin around the eyes. 

And with the current (rather worrying) trend for ‘cat eye surgery’, which is an invasive treatment that sees the eyelids and eyebrows being operated on to create sphinx-like features, this is the perfect solution for anyone who is surgery-shy.

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