5 Facts About Jameel Thermiotis, Princess Iman of Jordan’s Fiancé

Or shall we say, the future prince

If COVID-19 wasn’t already a huge fright for Gen-Z babies, 20-something-year-olds are now slowly reaching that age where adulting is not a choice anymore but instead, the inevitable next step they can no longer escape. Between job-hunting, tax-paying, and trying to somehow remain happy, society (or life, you choose) has come up with another imperative to tick off our bucket lists: finding a ride or die. 

A simple look around you should be enough to come up with the same conclusion as us: gone are the days of being a single pringle in your 20s, as more and more people are joining the “taken” category. Whether it’s the pressure of our surroundings, or of our parents, more and more of us are settling down with a partner. And we can’t blame anyone for that, especially after having spent such a long time alone throughout the successive series of lockdowns. 

Love, in our books at least, is like finding that last slice of pizza in the fridge you thought was gone when heading back home from a night out, while marriage is like enjoying each bite knowing that there will always be more to come. And the latest to be signing up for good pizza for life is none other than Princess Iman of Jordan who just revealed that she will be walking down the aisle to tie the knot with her current fiancé, Jameel Thermiotis, on March 12, the Royal Palace announced on Sunday.

Known for their discretion and preference for privacy, Princess Iman and her fiancé have kept their personal lives away from the public eye, staying off of social media, and avoiding media attention. However, as their wedding day approaches, we compiled five facts to know about the soon-to-be prince ahead of their big day.

He was born in Venezuela

Jameel Thermiotis princess iman jordan

Jameel Alexander Thermiotis was brought into this world by Alexandros Thermiotis and Corina Hernández in 1994 in Caracas, Venezuela, making him 28-years-old today.

His family is Greek

His family comes from a prominent Greek background and have a strong affinity for their heritage, evident through their frequent visits to Andros, a Greek island believed to be their ancestral home. His parents were reportedly known for their charity work in Latin America and the US, where they settled later on in life.

He’s the oldest child

Thermiotis is the eldest sibling of three. He has one younger sister called Alexia and a younger brother named Alejandros, much like his future wife who also has a younger sister and brother.

He studied business 

Jameel Thermiotis princess iman

With a specialization in Business Administration and Business, Thermiotis completed his studies at Florida International University in 2015, paving the way for his career in finance.

He works in New York

He founded Outbound Ventures LLC after graduating from university and is now a managing partner in a venture capital firm based in the Big Apple. Only time will tell if he will continue in his current position once he exchanges vows with Princess Iman.

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