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tiktok arabs

5 Wholesome TikTokers to Cure Your Ramadan Boredom

You know where it’s at

tiktok arabs

It’s undeniable that TikTok is our number one boredom killer. Research has shown that we spend more time on the app than ever before, even surpassing Google as the most visited website of 2021. 

With Ramadan rapidly approaching, we find a lot more time on our hands, whether it’s counting down the minutes to Iftar or just flipping through content whilst we’re lying in bed, it’s a given that most of us will follow this pattern.

TikTok’s unparalleled global rise to prominence over the past 4 years has meant that content creators have been creating more than ever. Of course regionally we’re no different. In fact, we’d argue that Arab-Tok might just be the most entertaining pocket of the app.

With this in mind we sat down to create a round up of the top 7 Arab TikTokers you need to follow to cure that Ramadan boredom.


@ramina_rated #assyriantiktok #arabtiktok #middleeastern #amrdiab #funny #xyzbca #yome #assyrian #arabic #arabicmusic #CinderellaMovie #ArmaniMyWay ♬ original sound – Ramina_Rated

Ramina is Assyrian, with both of her parents born in Syria, residing in the States. Her wholesome family based content is something that’s hilarious to watch at any time, and it’s something that we can all relate to. Drop her a follow for more!

Habibi Peanut

@habibipeanut Good times #FYP #foryoupage #arabparents #homework #arab ♬ original sound – Peanut

Habibi Peanut has the east to west balance just right. Sammy makes content revolving around his home life, and the cultural clash that he finds himself in coming from the region, but living mainly in the states. 

Anyone who’s experienced the Eastern parents and Western lifestyle mix will relate to him.



@maisvault When I’m down, my #arabmom knows how to pick me right back up #arabmomsoftiktok #northafricangirls ♬ original sound – Mai

We love Mai, the Egyptian-American has 1.6 million followers, she’s seen her recent rise to fasmer by pranking her mother Wafaa. Mama Wafaa is the “Arab Mother of Tik-Tok” and is frequently featured on Mai’s page. She also recently married so you will see a lot more husband/wifey content now too, it’s funny, it’s wholesome. It’s everything you could need in a content creator.

Mohanad Al-Hattab

@mohanadalhattab90The original killed me i dod not see that coming♬ original sound – Yassin ouf

Mohanad Al-Hattab is one of the most prominent influencers in the Arab world, thanks to his creativity and humor on social media. His videos have amassed thousands of views. Some of you will recognise him as “Mr. Trivago,” as he was the face of the brand for two consecutive years.

We know him more for his multiple personalities and hilarious content. A definite must follow.

Saif Shawaf

@saifshawaf Asra min asra @globalvillageae ♬ original sound – Saif

Saif Shawaf is everywhere. He started out on vine, and has since migrated to IG and now TikTok, his content never ceases to make us laugh, and it’s wholesome too. Perfect Ramadan viewing.

Shawaf actually rose to popularity after singing Beyonce on social media to raise money for Syria.

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