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Who’s Laila Abdallah, Joe Jonas’ Rumored Summer Fling

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Keeping a fling lowkey is challenging enough as an A-list celebrity, but it’s nearly impossible when your crush is an Arab star. This week, American singer and actor Joe Jonas was spotted enjoying some pooltime in the company of what appears to be his latest love interest, Laila Abdallah. Pictured cozying up in what appears to be an intimate getaway, the duo has set the rumor mill ablaze, leaving regional tabloids and cross-Atlantic publications scrambling to uncover all the details about their sprouting romance.

Months after his split with British actress Sophie Turner— whom he divorced in September 2023 after four years of marriage— the 34-year-old pop star seems to have moved on, sparking dating rumors during the opening of One&Only Kéa Island, per circulating news.

Below, everything we know about Jonas’ newest summer fling, Laila Abdallah.

She’s 28

Laila Abdullah Al-Fayed was born on January 8, 1996, in Kuwait, where she still lives to this day.

She’s Lebanese

Despite being born and raised in the Gulf, Abdallah is not of Khaleeji descent, but instead, traces her origins back to Lebanon.

She’s the eldest of four

According to various sources, Abdallah is the eldest of four children. Her little sister Shahd, who’s three years younger than her, seems to be following her lead by pursuing a career in acting as well. Speaking on the responsibility of being the first-born, Abdallah told Emirati podcast host Anas Bukhash that it was a mixture of pressure and duty.

“Because I’m the oldest among my siblings, and always I’m the one who does everything… I mean, I call myself the man of the house, the father, the big sister, I’m everything, so it’s impossible for anyone to see me cry, impossible,” she explained.

She speaks English, Arabic and… sign language

In a couple of previous interviews, Abdallah revealed being fluent in English, Arabic, and sign language. She claimed to have learned this non-verbal form of communication throughout her childhood as a result of her parents being deaf and mute.

She’s an actress

Laila began her acting career around 2010-2011, predominantly securing roles in Arabic series, as it is claimed on her official IMDb page. Since, she has played in over 30 TV series, 10 plays, and four movies, making her one of the most active thespians to roam around our region’s sets.

She was once married

In December 2017, Abdallah said yes to Iranian actor Abdallah Abass. Sadly, their union did not last long as the recently-married couple filed for divorce a couple of months later in February of the next year. Since then, little information regarding her love life has emerged, up until the recent update involving Joe Jonas at least.


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