Why Anwar Hadid’s Trip to Palestine is So Important

Changing perspectives one Instagram post at a time

It’s not every day that a public figure boldly expresses their position in regards to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – particularly an American. Even congresswoman Ilhan Omar was slammed for asserting that “[the territory] is the historical homeland of Palestinians” in an op-ed for The Washington Post.

Once the frenzy ensued, the controversy prompted an over-due conversation surrounding Palestinian lives in the United States. But when it comes to the world of fashion and celebrity, the topic is only occasionally discussed, despite its pertinency. But numerous brands and public figures, take Lana Del Rey or H&M as examples, have been the target of boycott campaigns by the BDS movement, in Lana Del Rey’s case, she cancelled a performance as a form of protest.

This week, Anwar Hadid is the latest to take a stand. Born to a Palestinian father who has always boldly spoken out about his roots, his vocal stance seems only natural. The young model took a trip to Palestine, bringing his friend and Valentino collaborator, Mustafa the Poet, along for the ride

“My brothers and I touched the mother land today. Much culture and beauty and people that need to be seen and heard,” the model and jewellery designer wrote in an Instagram caption. “Hopefully we can show u guys the deep-rooted details that effect our people every day… I feel like this could give us all good perspectives of our own lives, to see what is truly true and real vs what is told to us to be true”.

The youngest of the Hadid siblings showcased his adventures throughout his journey on social media, taking his 2.5 million followers to Jericho, Nazareth and Deir Yassin.

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