This Is Why the Saudi Crown Prince Gifted Lil Wayne a Lamborghini Truck

We love that for him

Last week, following Saudi Arabia’s victory over Messi’s Argentina at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha, a news report stating that the Kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman would be gifting each national team player a Roll’s Royce made the rounds on social media. While the reports have yet to be confirmed, if true, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that the royal bestows those he respects with a luxury vehicle as a gift. 

Over the weekend, an old clip of US rapper Lil Wayne resurfaced on the Internet, in which the New Orleans-born artist recalls the time that the Crown Prince gifted him a luxury watch and a sports car following a misunderstanding at a private Saudi Arabia airport.  

In a 2020 interview with Drink Champs, the Lollipop hitmaker recounted the details of what happened upon his arrival to Saudi Arabia. He said that he had landed in a private airport, but when he put his bags through the X-ray machine a security employee took issue when she discovered jewelry items worth more than 25 thousand dollars in his luggage, stating that he should have declared the items beforehand. “I told myself f**k that s**t I’m going back to my plane, I ain’t coming back, I’m not going anywhere, I don’t need to be here (sic),” recalled the rapper. 

He went on to add that while he was sitting on his plane, he got notified that “his excellency” wasn’t very pleased with what transpired and after making sure the rapper made it through security without any problems, went on to visit his hotel room with a very generous gift as a peace offering. It was a Franck Muller watch. But, it didn’t stop there, according to the rapper.

“After he was leaving the room, he said ‘oh I forgot, Lamborghini or Ferrari?’ I thought it was a general question. I said ‘Lamborghini’— I thought he was asking me which one is better. Then he asked ‘what color?’ I said ‘black.’ He said ‘In front of your house in three weeks. I’m very sorry for this.’”

Wayne added: “I was still thinking that he was joking too. I said Lamborghini truck I heard they are new. I got that like two or three days ago!”

Honestly, if I got a Lamborghini for each time I had issues at the airport, I would have a car dealership by now, but I digress. Indeed, Arabs are well known for their generosity and hospitality, and Lil Wayne’s experience serves as a further testament that we are unmatched when it comes to gift-giving. Rest of the world, take note. 

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