Will Smith Dancing in Morocco Shaabi Chaabi

Fans React to Video of Will Smith Dancing to Chaabi Music at Moroccan Wedding

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Will Smith Dancing in Morocco Shaabi Chaabi

2022 is far from having been the easiest on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor Will Smith, but it seems things are slowly taking a positive turn for him. 

Over the weekend, Smith posted a video on his official Instagram account addressing, while reflecting, on the much noise-generating “Oscars slap.” The actor said he was “deeply remorseful” about slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in March after the comic made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith. Breaking his silence after a long period of retreat, the Hollywood icon admitted having reached out to Rock who replied that he is still “not ready to talk.” Although not forgiven, Smith is showing explicit signs of growth and repentance, and is now well-embarked on a journey towards inner peace, which is something we can only laud. 

However, Smith’s public apology wasn’t the only video to go viral on social media this week.

Clips of the actor dancing to traditional Chaabi music at a Moroccan wedding have surfaced on social media after the star was spotted in Tangiers to celebrate the union of his friend Adel Al-Arabi at the heart of the Mediterranean city. 

The former colleagues have previously collaborated on several industry-acclaimed features including Image, Black, and Bad Boys for Life — so it was only natural for Smith to be part of Al-Arabi’s milestone moment. 

The footage of Smith tapping toes and moving hips at a traditional Moroccan wedding has been flooding our Twitter timelines and For You Page on TikTok alongside some very witty and hilarious fan reactions. Here are some of our favorites: 

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