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Indulgent Winter Face Masks to Nourish Your Skin

Five masks you need to try

Kylie skin

Your face always needs moisture, but brisk winter wind can leave even the oiliest of us taking extra steps to keep our skin hydrated. And this is where facemasks come in. But with the market saturated in ‘skin solutions’ it’s difficult to know which ones actually work.

Whether you’re looking for deep hydration, an instant-glow or a clearer complexion – there’s an abundance to choose from. 

But to save you time and money, we’ve scoured the shelves for you and rounded up our five favourites. 

La Mer’s Intensive Revitalizing MaskLa Mer's Intensive Revitalizing Mask
Looking for a quick morning pick-me-up? La Mer’s newest mask, the Intensive Revitalizing Mask should be your new go-to. It takes just eight minutes, and will leave your skin refreshed and ultra-glowy. 

175 USD / 642 AED

Glossier Moisturizing Moon MaskglossierWhether you have dry or oily skin, Glossier’s Moisturising Moon Mask is guaranteed to leave your skin ultra-hydrated – even the most sensitive of us. Made with sweet almond oil, plant-based squalene, and hyaluronic acid, it’ll also help smooth your skin out while the liquorice root and lemon fruit extract will brighten it up. 

22 USD / 80 AED

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask Ultra_Facial_Overnight_Hydrating_MasqueIf your skin needs a major hydrating boost, an overnight mask is the way to go. And this one by Kiehl’s needs to on your beauty counter this winter. It’ll soak into your skin over night, and by morning you’ll be left with a smooth glow. 

35 USD / 128 AED

Dr Jart+ Rubber Hydration MaskHydration LoverYou might have thought the sheet mask craze is over, but this one by Dr Jart is here to stay. It’s a two-step rubber mask comprised of a serum, which sits under a hydrating rubber mask that allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper in to the skin. 

9 USD / 33 AED

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating TreatmentGlamGlow ThirstyMud HydratingIf your skin is sensitive, dry, or you suffer from redness, you’ll love Glam Glow’s ThirstyMud mask. It’s known for its soothing effect, and is a favourite for anyone suffering from rosacea. And to top it off, it smells like heaven. 

59 USD / 216 AED

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