DJ Yasmean

Yasmean is the Boiler Room Co-Signed Moroccan DJ to Watch

Breaking down barriers in the male dominated scene

DJ Yasmean

My sound is a chameleon”, says 25-year-old Casablanca-raised DJ Yasmean, before adding that “it changes and adapts constantly depending on my environment”.  

If you haven’t heard of Yasmean, take note. Thanks to her genre-blurring sets, the young female is pushing Moroccan dancefloors into new and ambitious direction.

DJ Yasmean MoroccanCourtesy of Joseph Ouechen

Last summer she performed for Boiler Room at the fourth edition of Marrakesh’s acclaimed Atlas Festival, which has gained a reputation for boasting rising local talent. 

The appearance brought her to the attention of a wider audience, and cemented her position as one of the boldest forces within the local scene’s ever-changing landscape.

Yasmean has been shifting attention away from classic techno and house. “I can’t refer to myself playing one specific genre or style,” she says, “That’s how I grew to be: constantly shaping the dance floor via the lens of my mood”.  

Even though she does admit to have faced some obstacles, Yasmean has never felt afraid to take up space on stage as a woman in Morocco. “ I feel like it’s a blessing to be able to build from nothing and as a woman, I feel really proud to be able to thrive in a male-dominated scene”, she says before adding, “Although, men have been the sweetest and the most supportive to me: I’ve never felt uncomfortable with my Moroccan brothers. We’re all in this together.”

DJ Yasmean Beat Hotel Saturday Brenna DuncanAnd by virtue of being true to herself and thanks to her passionate spirit, her gigs aren’t just fun; more importantly, they feel confessional and intimate. “It’s great how I can listen to tracks I love, blend them, create a mood and see people’s reaction right in front of me”, she adds, discussing how engaging a dialogue with her audience is so important to her.

Mixing heavy bass, trap, jungle, minimal techno and acid house, Yasmean finds no limit to her inspiration and musical expression. “South America is popping. I’d love to go there and see that for myself”, she says. What’s her next step? Taking over the world.

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