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Yoox Talents: Meet Karrouhat, the Region’s Ultimate Muti-hyphenate

The DJ and TV host opens up


Whether you’re in Amman, Dubai or the heart of Morocco, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Karrouhat. You probably know him as a DJ and producer, or your favorite influencer on MBC’s Beauty Match, or as the star of Gucci’s Musalsal.

Throughout the last decade, Karrouhat dabbled in just about everything. “Karrouhat is a concept”, he tells us. So far, he’s done it all. From strutting down Casablanca’s runway at Paris Fashion Week to starring in campaigns for everyone from Montblanc to Burberry, the creative’s CV is as impressive as can be. That’s not to mention over a decade spent making music. 

And Karrouhat, whose name is Basil Al Hadi is showing no signs of slowing down. As it turns out, being a star has always been in some way imbedded in his destiny. “My family name in Arabic is ‘Al hadi’, he told us.  “In the old days, ‘al hadi’, was what they called the person who sung or played music for travellers,” he explained. “My great-great-great grandfather was a ‘hadi’.” And whether it’s music or fashion, he’s carrying on his family legacy. 

But whether he’s making music, DJing Dubai’s biggest parties, or making an appearance on MBC, style has always been an extension of Karrouhat’s vision throughout it all. He’s not shy about sharing it with his thousands followers on Instagram. 

“Fashion is a very important element in my life,” he explains. It’s one of the reasons he’s teamed up with many of his favorite brands throughout his career. Now, the multi-disciplinary creative is teaming up with Italian retailer Yoox, this time to share his very own edit of some of his favorite pieces—even extending beyond fashion and into the realm of design. 

These are the pieces Karrouhat has his eyes on: 


Burberry Jacket

Balenciaga Denim Capris

Maison Margiela Sneakers

Kenzo Hat

Gucci Sunglasses


Versace, Money Box

Marcantonio Gold, Vase

Selletti Wears Toiletpaper, Mirror

Ferm Living, Chair

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