You Can Now Own Drake’s CLB Cover Art

Time to put your hands on some NFTs

Drake effectively broke the internet with his very meme-able Certified Lover Boy album cover back in August. Well, he’s about to do it again. But this time, it’s British artist Damien Hirst who’s going to be at the wheel as he is about to hand out 10,000 free NFT copies of his iconic grid of pregnant women. 

Coming as a surprise gift, the announcement went live through the Bristol-born’s personal Instagram. Titled “Great Expectations,” the series is based on the Certified Lover Boy’s cover and will be playing with the initial colours and emojis used, to give birth to a rich set of unique iterations of the now new piece of digital art.

“I wanted it to say everything and nothing at the same time. To be something for everyone. A thing to talk about, that you can’t ignore. An NFT that could communicate to people who haven’t been born yet what it’s like for us to be living in the complicated world of today” the artist said on his Instagram” Hirst said in the caption.

Having conceived the project with “Drake’s support and blessing”, the variations of the cover were, according to Decrypt, sent out for free on the sole condition of having already purchased one of Damien Hirst’s earlier NFT drops back in July called “The Currency”. 

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