Your Definitive Guide to Nailing TikTok’s Coquette Beauty Trend

The beauty trend taking TikTok by storm

We would be lying if we said that TikTok isn’t how many of us discover new trends. We may only be three months into 2023, but a slew of TikTok makeup products, skin care, and hair care are taking the social media platform by storm, influencing the way that we approach our beauty routines. From “glass skin” to “clean girl makeup,” it seems like there are hundreds of new beauty trends cropping up on the Gen Z-dominated platform almost every day. Steadily gaining momentum by the hour is “Coquette Beauty,” the latest aesthetic making waves on TikTok, with 7.8 billion views for the hashtag #coquette, 1.6 billion for #coquetteaesthetic, more than 300 million for #coquettecore, and nearly 130 million for #coquettemakeup. And, as spring approaches, these numbers are anticipated to only grow.

A style of beauty that is characterized by a playful and flirtatious appearance, the coquette aesthetic is all about embracing hyper-femininity. Think: fluttery doll lashes, flushed cheeks, Maryjanes, and all things pink. The origins of coquette beauty can be traced back to the 18th century, where it was popularized by women in French aristocratic society. The term “coquette” comes from the French word “coquet,” which means “flirtatious” as during this time, women in high society used their beauty and charm as a way to gain attention and favor from men. Now in 2023, coquette beauty continues to be a popular style that is embraced by women who wish to reclaim their femininity.

Whether you want to jump on the bandwagon or are simply looking to embrace your feminine power (it is Woman’s Month after all), our definitive guide to nailing the coquette beauty trend is the perfect place to start.

Blush is a must

After you’ve perfected your complexion, don’t forget to apply a generous swirl of pink blush placed high on the cheek before being brought to the temple and crease of the lids. TikTokers swear by Dior’s Rosy Glow Blush, which creates the appearance of naturally rosy cheeks.

Lash out!

Feathery, fluttery eyelashes are essential to nailing the coquette beauty look. You can apply subtle eyelash extensions for something a little more long-lasting, consider getting a lash lift, or reach for a volume-boosting mascara. May we suggest Benefit’s BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara? Just don’t forget the eyelash curler and growth serum.

Take a bow

How you apply your makeup isn’t the only way to masterfully nail the coquette aesthetic. Hair ribbons and bows are a pretty way to put together your entire look. You can loop a simple ribbon (stolen from your Chanel branded box, of course) around a ponytail or knot it at the end of a braid for an easy way to amp up your style and add a romantic touch to your hair in an instant.

Nail it, literally

Glazed donut nails and pearlescent nails are so last year. 2023 is all about French manicures alongside statement appliques a la 3D bows, gemstone hearts, and pearl accents.

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