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What to do in Riyadh

Your Ultimate Guide to Going Out in Riyadh

Fill up your calendar.

What to do in Riyadh

The new year has just begun and we’re already finding ourselves stuck in some repetitive routines. Work. Sleep. Work Again. 

After a busy month of December wherein the Kingdom positioned itself as one of the region’s cultural capitals, things might seem to have quieted down. But Riyadh is making sure that doesn’t happen. We’re here to introduce you to the best spots in town to let loose, let go and have fun.

Be it for a motive to link up with friends or a solo venture, here are four of our favorite spots you need to check out as soon as possible:

Universal Bowling Center

Universal Bowling Centre

Who can really say no to a bowling night? Bringing the 1990s vibe straight back to your door, the Universal Bowling Centre in Riyadh is the perfect place to ease the week’s stress away. The complex can cater for everyone’s mood and taste when it comes to having fun with a group. From ping-pong tables to fast-foods, snack bars and video game arenas, the centre is ideal at any point in time during the year.

Escape The Room 

For those like me that still struggle to understand what an Escape Room actually is, let us talk you through it. It’s a game to enjoy with a good team of mates where you need to find clues and accomplish a specific number of tasks in a limited amount of time to find your way out of a confusing maze or investigation. Feeling adventurous? Then this is perfect for you and there is one to try out in Riyadh. With 4 rooms to venture through, trust us when we tell you that this is an experience that you’ll be remembering for a long time.

Museum of Illusions 

Get all of your senses working at Riyadh’s Museum of Illusions. Each room and space is different and unique in its own way. Willing to trick your mind ? Then you should head there straight away. The Museum is known for its unforgettable installations that will look perfect on anyone’s Instagram feed. We have a soft spot for the Infinity Tunnel and the Rotated Room and we’re pretty adamant that it’ll soon be yours too.

Naila Gallery

Don’t you worry, we got art enthusiasts covered too. The Naila Gallery is a contemporary and modern space that aims at bringing artistic brilliance, art culture and art critiques together. Shedding light on both international and local artists, the space is a refined spot to wander through the works and minds of creatives from all over the world and our dear region. It’s also a perfect place to simply go for a coffee and relax, the Naila Gallery is ideal to get yourself out of your daily habits and go for a breather. 


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