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Your Ultimate Guide to Spending Eid on Your Own

When the fam isn’t around.

eid guide

As the blessed month of Ramadan is slowly drawing to its end, Eid is on everyone’s mind and calendar. For some, celebrating the holiday isn’t necessarily all that exciting. Especially those who are far away from their family and friends.  

If you happen to be surrounded by friends and family, consider yourself lucky because that’s not everyone’s case. The days of summertime Eids are also officially over so, as you can imagine, taking time off work or school to pay your days ones a visit isn’t as easy as it was in the previous years. 

There’s not too much time before festivities kick off and if it’s looking like you’ll be spending Eid on your own as some of us are, here are some tips to make it a just a little better.

Eat Pizza for Breakfast 

pizza eid

Just because you can now. Who’s going to stop you? 

Fix Your Sleeping Pattern (if you can)

eid sleeping
It’s time to go to bed at a reasonable hour now that Ramadan is over. No more excuses staying up until 4 because it’s Suhoor, if anything you’re 23 and still playing video games until god knows how late when instead you should really be looking for a job to move out your teenage bedroom. 

Revise your Eid briefings and call everyone


Pick up the phone, prepare your life updates and let your family know how you’re doing. Here’s one briefing to get you started: “Yes, auntie, I am indeed still single.”

Link up with someone else spending Eid solo

Chances are, there’s someone out there in your circle who is flying solo this Eid. Plan an activity together and actually make it happen. 

Don’t Go on Instagram 

no ig

Go off the grid for the day. Seeing everyone with family on social media can be triggering so take the opportunity to take some time for yourself, reflect on what you achieved this past month of fasting and enjoy some alone time.

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