Your Ultimate Guide to Thrifting in the Region

From Tunis to Amman


Be it for ethical reasons or personal taste, we all love a bit of thrifting. Those who thrift know the feeling of digging through piles of clothes until you find the perfect piece, the golden garm that puts a smile on your face on your way back home. It’s the ultimate pleasure.

For long, the act of thrifting was done out of necessity, and while its current ethical positioning can be put to question, the alternative activity to stray away from fast fashion has now grown into a form of expression—a tool for younger generations to explore their personal styles without breaking the bank. 

If you want to get into niching clothes but don’t know where to start looking, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are a few spots across the region where picking some vintage Ralph or Burberry pieces for a couple of coins is just the standard. 

Here’s our favourite thrifting markets from Tunisia to Jordan:

El Wakala, Cairo

Nestled right by the charming Zamalek neighborhood, El Wakala is an open market located right in the middle of the capital city of Cairo. Although quite overwhelming at times as a result of the number of people who, just like you, are looking to head back home with a piece to show off to of friends and family, with time it has become a real hotspot to source some affordable yet high-quality items. The countless rows and racks of products might make you want to lose hope, but talking from experience, you almost always end up taking a cheeky designer piece back with you. As we know, old is gold, and in El Wakela there’s only so much you’ll be able to put your hands on.


Hafsia, Tunis

There are two sides to Tunis’ Hafsia. It’s a melting pot of people that all gather around the one and only objective which is to be able to purchase some good, long-lasting, and high-quality clothes. For some, La Frippe is the only place where they’d be able to shop. For others, it’s the only place where they can express themselves and their style properly as a result of the wide variety of options when it comes to textiles and pieces available. Open every day of the week and close to the old medina, Hafsia is perfect for whatever item you’re after or just looking to stroll round.

Souk Al Jumua, Amman

As you can probably tell from the name, Souk Al Jumua opens its gates once a week, on Fridays. It’s a wide open-air space with a countless number of stalls for you to patiently pick and choose from. Most items displayed make their way from charity organizations and are sold to anyone and everyone from people in need and that can only afford to shop from there to those that want to grant their wardrobe with an edgy retro twist. Items never sell for more than a fiver and you’ll easily find yourself heading back home with bags and bags of clothes in your cab back home. Our tip?  Buy any item you like and head straight to the city’s renowned tailors to make them fit to the inch.

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