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Zamalek Zooba

In Cairo? These Are Zamalek’s Best Eateries

You’ll quite literally find everything

Zamalek Zooba

The unofficial ‘democratic republic of Zamalek’ is host to some of Cairo‘s most beautiful vintage architecture, some of the coolest places to hang out and also the privileged home to most embassies of the capital. 

The posh quarter of town sees thousands walk past its narrow streets and historical corners. Real melting pot of cultures, you can ask anyone who’s already been: Zamalek’s food spots are always well-worth the detour. 

With Ramadan coming up soon, we’ve gathered a handful of places to go and get your Iftar fill ups on the enchanting Nile island. Allow us to introduce four of our mouth-watering favorites:

O’s Pasta

Nestled on 26th of July Street, O’s Pasta really is some of the best pasta you can find in Zamalek. Maybe even Cairo if you ask us. Their hearty menu offers something for everyone, from the carnivores to the herbivores amongst us. It’s a little bit more that what one would usually expect to pay in Cairo, however, trust us when we say that it’s worth every genneh.


Ideal dining spot to link a fling or a friend, the balady-chic space gives Egyptian cuisine an elevated iconic twist by re-visiting some of Om Al Dunya’s staple dishes. Every single meal will sound tempting to even the pickiest eaters out there. Plus, any occasion you’ll have to visit the place will grant your Instagram mosaic or stories some breathtaking pics. 


Anyone who’s been to Seecoz will be able to testify, Seecoz is the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re in Greece while living in Egypt. Everything from flavors, meat and spices will make you travel across the Mediterranean via your tastebuds. Quick to serve although it does take long to decide which sauce you want to cover your Souvlaki with, it’s our little treasured spot where you’re always sure of going home feeling full. 


This one is for the fanciest of us. Elegant and chic, L’aubergine boasts a frilly atmosphere that most will enjoy. Full of vegan and vegetarian recipes, everyone will find something to please their tastes. Through a wide variety of dishes and plates, L’aubergine is the perfect bubble to stray yourself away from Cairo’s usual chaos.

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