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5 In-Flight Essentials You Should Never Travel Without

How to make sure your next flight doesn’t suck

Even if you’re a long-haul flight pro, flying is really just an endurance test. Planes are cold, dry, and sometimes require fighting a stranger for an armrest. But, since teleportation isn’t a thing yet (I’m hopeful), we have to play the hand we’re dealt.

Here the 5 things you need to pack in your carry-on to make sure your next flight sucks a little less than usual:

Face Oil
Planes are notoriously inconsiderate to our skin. The low levels of humidity can really dry out all the moisture so it’s important to hydrate throughout your flight. This face oil by Diptyque is guaranteed to provide you with the necessary moisture, and it smells great too.

240 AED  / 65 USD

Sleep Mask
We don’t always get a good night’s sleep in the comfort of our own beds – let alone on tiny plane seats. If you’re hoping to catch some downtime, a sleep mask is an absolute must-have on any flight. This one by Beauty Junky comes in a super practical travel kit that includes a set of ear plugs so you can block out all noise too.

65 AED / 17 USD

Dry Shampoo
The dryness of the plane makes our follicles work extra hard to produce all the necessary oils, leaving us with greasy strands upon arrival. To feel a little less groggy getting off your flight, freshen up your hair with a few sprays of dry shampoo to remove all the built-up oils. This Sashajuan Volume Powder doubles as a styling product as well.

70 AED / 19 USD 

It’s important to always keep a pen on you, especially on a flight. Nothing is more annoying than not having to look around for one to fill out those pesky customs declaration forms, or whatever paperwork that may come your way at the airport, especially for Arabs (unfortunately). These Ice London pens are practical and come in pretty pastels.

85 AED / 23 USD

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the most tropical destination, planes get cold, and the flimsy blankets airlines provide just don’t cut it. For your next flight, bring a hoodie so you’re you warm and comfortable. Plus, the hood doubles as a subtle do not disturb sign. This Adidas Hoodie does the job.

330 AED / 89 USD

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