A New Exhibition Celebrates Morocco’s Modernist Master

Mohamed Melehi, the co-founder of Morocco’s abstract movement

As temperatures finally rise in London, it’s time to slip out of bed and in to a little culture, and there’s no better reason than checking out Mosaic Room’s latest exhibition.

As part of a three-part exhibition to celebrate their 10th anniversary, the London gallery’s final instalment is a celebration of one of the region’s most iconic modernist masters, Moroccan painter Mohamed Melehi.

Entitled New Waves: Mohamed Melehi and the Casablanca Art School, the exhibition explores the role the prolific artist played in redefining art in the North African nation. Having been a pioneer, and one of the founders of the poorly studied, but deeply impactful modern art movement Casablanca School, the exhibition is one not to miss.

The Asilah-born painter was especially active in the 1960s, becoming known for his canvases of vivid two-dimensional colours, which followed his signature wave motif. Impressively, Melehi has maintained an unparalleled artistic longevity. Through his 60-year-long career, he’s produced countless pieces of work alongside leaving an equally lasting legacy through his teachings at various art schools in Morocco.

Curated by Morad Montazami, the exhibition also delves in to Melehi’s more recent works as a graphic and urban designer.

New Waves: Mohamed Melehi and the Casablanca Art School opens at Mosaic Rooms April 12.

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