Unveiling Arwa Al Banawi’s Loving Ode to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi designer pays homage to her homeland

Over the last few months, Saudi Arabia has been seeing a lot of unprecedented developments. It’s no surprise that this new wave of change has consequently served as inspiration for one of the Kingdom’s most promising designers, Arwa Al Banawi.


For her latest Spring/Summer 19 collection, Al Banawi decided to give an ode to her native, but not without a millennial twist, of course. Entitled Riyality, the designer plays on the word “riyal”, Saudi Arabia’s currency.




The boldly coloured collection, which features a neon-take on her signature tailored blazers, a pair of fuchsia wide-legged trousers, and a stunning (and sporty) pale turquoise floor-length dress, includes a stand out t-shirt that reads The Reality Is Like A Dream— a nod to both the Kingdom and it’s currency.


Saudi Arabia has been a constant source of inspiration for the designer. Her last collection (which launched after Saudi women became legally allowed to drive) was entitled Banat, (‘girls’ in Arabic) and was a bold celebration of female empowerment.




“I never doubted the potential of my country, I feel like we’ve always had a strong sense of fashion.  Now thankfully we’re getting government support in the arts and fashion industry, and that will inspire more designers to grow their businesses.” She told us in an interview last July. And if this collection says anything, it’s that Al Banawi’s predictions for her native country’s future are actually turning into a reality, starting with her own label.


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