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Beirut Puts the Spotlight on Female Filmmakers

A much-needed breather for the suffering nation

It’s no secret that Lebanon has been through quite a rough patch in recent years, but the announcement of the return of the Beirut International Women Film Festival might be the one motive able to lift some spirits up this summer. 

Initially cancelled due to the global health situation, the initiative centred around highlighting women in the arts and more specifically in the silver-screen industry is back after a year-long hiatus. 

Founded in 2017, the film festival will showcase 90 projects ranging from short and feature films to documentaries and animated movies.  Just name a genre that tickles your curiosity, pick up some popcorn and let the magic begin, there’ll be enough to cater for everyone. 

Screening movies from almost every corner of the planet, the event will take place at the Abraj cinema taking the audience on lengthy travels across all five continents from Turkey to Vietnam and Brazil but also through the MENA region itself introducing screenplays from Sudan, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia to mention a few. 

Running from July 19 to 23, the festival will also include seminars and masterclasses focussing on precise topics surrounding the selected movies and women in the cinema business. 

Feeling as if life is slowly going back to normal, the very anticipated event might not be able to picture Lebanon in clear stability but will at least frame it in steady motion picture. Amidst the ongoing sanitary and political crises going on in the Mediterranean country, we really hope that the BIWF festival will give the nation a well-deserved break the time of a week.



Main image: A Thousand Girls Like Me, Sahra Mani (2018)

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