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Dana Hourani Drops the Ultimate Summer Banger

*plays on repeat*

“Inshallah kheir” is an Arabic phrase that is typically used by Muslims to assure one that everything will be okay with God’s will and grace. The phrase is also the title of Lebanese singer Dana Hourani’s latest song. The number, which dropped this week, is the first single from her forthcoming sophomore album, coming two-years after the release of her debut album in November 2021.

Two-minutes-and-thirty-seconds long, Inshallah Kheir  was composed by Hourani alongside Lebanese producers Sleiman Damien and Taym and serves as an Afro-pop and Middle Eastern fusion, effortlessly blending the traditional sounds of East and West. Made to be listened to under the comforting warmth of the sun while the wind blows through your hair, the ultra-catchy and uplifting Arabic single is the ultimate summer vibes tune to have on repeat this season.

Exploring the idea of surrendering to a higher power, putting your trust into the universe, and having faith that everything will be okay, even those who don’t understand Arabic will have a hard time not feeling good after listening to the airy and upbeat jam.

“I was in a place where I felt stuck and a little boxed, there was a lot more in me that I wanted to express and perform in a way that I hadn’t before. So I began venturing into a whole new space, a new sound, a new direction, working with new blood,” Hourani told Vogue Arabia.  “Change is always uncomfortable at first, and I had lost myself somewhere along the way before everything became clear in what finally felt like a natural space,” said the Sharjah-born artist. “All throughout this process I was basically ‘InshAllah Kheir-ing’ my way through my career.”

The new song is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, and coincides with the launch of exclusive merch, which can be purchased online.

Hourani is enjoying quite a successful return to the spotlight, with her new single gaining momentum and a new album set to launch in the upcoming weeks. And if Inshallah Kheir is any indication, we can no doubt expect the artist’s upcoming project to dominate the top of most-streamed lists.

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