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Everything You Need To Know About the Third Edition of Art D’Egypte

It is the largest edition yet

Witnessing an art exhibition behind four walls is one thing; experiencing art amidst one of the world’s Great Wonders, Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza, is quite another. Set to take place between Oct. 26 to Nov. 18, Art D’Egypte is bringing forth picture-perfect aesthetics, interactive art installations, amidst an awe-striking backdrop for what is slated to be its largest edition yet. With regional and international artists participating, “Forever is Now 03” aims to blend the ancient with the present-day through a contemporary lens.

The theme

Last year’s edition saw artists reflecting on concerns pertaining to climate change and sustainability, and this year, the multidisciplinary art entity has decided to take on a more playful approach. With experimentation at its very core, this year’s concept viewers are given the opportunity to interact with the sculptural artworks to actively engage with each installation. Transforming the site-specific event into a personalized experience, the concept allows viewers to gain a unique perspective of different outcomes as a result of directly interacting with the work. 

Greeting from Giza by JR

The location

Egypt is home to many ancient artifacts, and the exhibition will take place at two historical sites, with a second location branching out to a soon-to-be-announced UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to the Pyramids of Giza.

Participating artists

14 International and regional artists hailing all the way from  Brazil, USA, Greece, The Netherlands, Argentina, to Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will be showcasing a variety of new artwork. With plenty of highlights to look forward to, this year will see installations incorporating this edition’s concept— “play”— through artificial intelligence (AI), with Dionysios’s geometrical installation based on instructions to AI to imagine different prayers on light. 

Other highlights include Arne Quinze’s circular Lupine sculpture that will provide a viewpoint into an isolated vista of one of the Pyramids and its invisible axis lines; Carole Feureman’s hyperrealist sculpture evoking Hathor— the ancient Egyptian goddess of love and fertility; Rashid Al Khalifa’s fragments of a labyrinth, emerging from the ground at varying angles, each inscribed with motifs sourced from a 1679 work Turris Babel (The Tower of Babel) written by the Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher and Pilar Zeta’s limestone portal sitting amidst gold and blue spherical objects; a checkerboard pathway and a mirrored egg; and more to be released soon.

More artists to look forward to are French artist Stephen Breuer who is renowned for his poetic  transformations of iconic monuments through seamless digitization; Egyptian-born British sculptor Sam Shendi whose work is centered around delving into the core of human existence through vibrant and abstract sculptures of the human figure; multifaceted Argentinian artist Pilar Zeta known for her distinctive eye for monumental installations and artworks that have found their way into album artwork, music videos, and live performances; French photographer and street artist tycoon JR whose work has found its way into the suburbs of Paris and the favelas of Brazil; and plenty more. 

Read on for all of the artists showcasing their works at “Forever is Now 03.”

Arne Quinze (Belgium)

Artur Lescher (Brazil)

Azza Al Quibaisi (UAE)

Carole Feuerman (USA)

Costas Varotsos (Greece)

Dionysios (Greece)

JR (France)

Mohamed Banawy (Egypt)

Pilar Zeta (Argentina)

Rashid Al Khalifa (Bahrain)

Rashed Al Shaishai (Saudi Arabia)

Sabine Marcelis (The Netherlands)

Sam Shendi (Egypt & UK)

Stephan Breuer (France)


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