A Guide to Beirut’s Best Brunch Spots

Feta and date toasties doused in honey?

At this point, brunch is a basic weekend staple. We love brunch so much that as a society, we’ve even converted the noun into verb, and thus the act of brunching has become our favourite social activity on any given Sunday.


We religiously browse through Zomato and Yelp in search of the perfect spot to have our fancy avocado toast over light-hearted conversations about who we’re sort of (but not really) dating. We’re usually not short of places to choose from, and Beirut is certainly no exception.


In every city you visit, there’s an underlying brunch hierarchy—not all places are equal. To make sure you’re choosing the best places to go, we rounded up the Beirut restaurants with the best brunch options



Breakfast Barn


Courtesy of @fanchelala


If you’re on a health kick and don’t want to ruin it with a fatty brunch, Breakfast Barn is the place to go. Here, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the most important meal of the day—you can order their breakfast and brunch options any day of the week! Try their feta and date toastie for a boost of energy.





Cantina Sociale


Courtesy of @cantina.sociale


Cantina Sociale is a cosy wine bar and café on weekdays, and the ultimate boozy brunch spot on weekends. Here you can brunch every Saturday from 11am to 3pm, where you can enjoy delicious smoked salmon avocado toast along with their signature sangria.





Dar Bistro and Books


Courtesy of @darbistroandbooks


Tucked away in one of Hamra’s alleys, Dar Bistro and Books is a must. The hidden gem features a garden where you can bask in the sun whilst enjoying a vegan-friendly brunch. Take in the tranquil ambiance during their all-day brunches on both Saturdays and Sundays. Be sure to try their goat cheese honey filo.







Courtesy of @alaa_balkhy


Located in an old 19th century villa, Liza is the place to be if you’re looking for a fine dining experience. The restaurant offers charming interiors with a variety rooms you can choose to dine in, each featuring a different theme and vibe. Their buffet-style Sunday brunch is served in the Banana Room, a beautifully decorated space featuring wall-to-wall banana leaf patterned wallpaper.







Courtesy of @noracherfan


As part of a larger organization that highlights the local farming community known as Souk El Tayeb, Tawlet is certainly a unique concept in Beirut. The restaurant does not offer a set menu, instead, a different farmer prepares a selection of foods every day. For Saturday brunch, you can enjoy their all-you-can-eat buffet, typically featuring traditional Lebanese dishes.







Courtesy of @bartartine


If you want sweet and savoury treats for brunch, Bartartine is the place to go. Whether you’re craving cold cuts, cheeses, or sweet pastries, you’ll find a variety of options at their buffet. Located in the busy streets of Mar Mikhael, the restaurant is a sweet escape for a delicious and relaxing experience.




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