The Digital Journal Highlighting Jordan’s Creative Forces

Inside Ilna Collective’s latest venture: Intimate Sessions


Summer might be over, but we’re still reaping its benefits. This past season, Amman Design Week teamed up with Ilna Collective to create a digital fashion journal you’re going to want to dive into. 

Over the course of two weeks, the two platforms sat down with sixty Amman-based creatives to explore design, their creative process and the art world.

The bi-annual Amman Design Week, supported by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, works on preserving creative ideas in the local community and nurtures collaborations between Arab creators. Ilna Collective however is a digital fashion journal and a fashion consultancy firm for local fashion creatives, which aims to bring exposure to Arab creatives.

Discussions revolved around new perspectives and modes of practice focused on the personal, the isolated, and the intimate aspects of their fields and the world at large. Entitled Intimate Sessions, the digital fashion journal took shape on the internet, highlighting the ideas, dialogue and concepts that emerged during the talks in a new website.

As part of the initiative, local creatives were also invited to develop original pieces surrounding four topics: futurism, intimacy, performance and rituals—which are all on display on the website.

For the latter, a series of figure study ink drawings by Karma Malhas explored the practice of self-reflection. “This series showcases the contrast between the outer and inner world, the calm in the chaos and the chaos in the calm.” she explains.

Photographer Hiba Nabulsi also showcased her latest work ‘Friends by my Window’, a photo series showcasing an intimate portrayal of two kids playing and looking out their home window.

“What happens if your bedroom becomes your whole world?” explored artist Reema Shatat for the platform. Entitled ‘Unfolded Sheets’, the series of photographs presents a woman in her bed stranded around remote locations, from a deserted highway to a forest.

You can also watch Sereena Khatib’s dramatic video ‘Once Upon a Time’, in which she reflects on everything that went down in 2020. From the first signs of the pandemic and quarantine to socio-political movements and the Lebanon explosion, a 4-minute monologue describes the chaos and loneliness.

You can explore Intimate Sessions: The Magazine here

Main photo: Green Oasis (2020) by Natalie Lama

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