La Terre Est Folle is the Lebanese Brand Going Global

Meet the 31-year-old Beirut-based designer behind the label


Ever since 31-year-old Lebanese designer Joe Arida launched his label ‘La Terre Est Folle’ (‘The World Is Crazy’ in English) in 2014, it has been at the heart of Beirut’s emerging fashion scene — namely because the brand’s world is fun, spontaneous and passionately playful.

30 years after the end of the civil war, Arida wants to bring positive attention to his hometown. And with the launch of its e-commerce site earlier this month, he’s ready to gear-up and go global.

La Terre Est Folle jacketLa Terre Est Folle crop topBeirut is deeply disturbed and beautiful”, says Arida discussing how his city inspires his creativity. But the label’s name isn’t just meant to reflect Beirut’s essence. It was chosen when the designer shouted “la terre est folle” while watching a flying salmon being caught in mid-air by a bear on TV.  “We live in crazy times”, he says before adding, “I want people to appreciate everything that makes the world what it is in its infinite diversity, absurdity and madness”.

Proposing a wide range of objects, clothes and accessories, La Terre Est Folle moves beyond the confines of a regular brand. And as Arida absorbs various references from his divorced parents, friends and travels, there are no limitations when it comes to his approach. The only rule is to not take things seriously and express a bold joie de vivre as an answer to darkness and adversity. “When life got ugly, beautiful things never disappointed me”, he continues.

La Terre Est FolleLa Terre Est Folle t-shirtHis joyful clothes, which come in tutti-frutti shades are the perfect embodiment of his hedonistic philosophy. And as the brand expands to the world with the launch of its e-store, Arida will continue to bring to it his unique sense of positivity.

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