This Saudi Coast is the Future ‘Riviera of the Middle East’

Bye Cannes, hello Amaala

With Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz’s Vision 2030 plan in play, it’s become very clear that Saudi Arabia is on its way to changing its position from one of the world’s most conservative nations into a more progressive, moderate one.

Alongside the nation finally lifting objectionable bans that have since allowed women to drive through the Kingdom’s streets, and led to a burgeoning film scene, Vision 2030 also includes plans to attract tourism. The move has taken many people by surprise as Saudi has long been known for its strict visa rules, and in the past has only allowed visitors inside its borders for hajj or business purposes.

With an economy that’s provisionally backed by oil, tourism might prove to be a permanent solution for the Kingdom.

From breathtaking desert sites to secret islands, Saudi Arabia is certainly home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes—most of which have largely been untapped.

Among the nation’s most beautiful areas lies a section off of its northwestern coast dubbed the ‘Riviera of the Middle East’ as the location is a natural extension of the Mediterranean Sea, situated near Saudi Arabia’s border with Jordan. The project, called ‘Amaala’ will include hotels, private villas, an arts academy and a yacht club, and is set to become one of the nation’s ultimate luxury destinations.

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