Venture Through the Days of Tomorrow with B7L9’s Latest Exhibition

The Tunisian art station is putting Palestine in the spotlight

What better time to start exploring the tomorrow than now? The new calendar will begin in less than 24 hours and Tunisian art station B7L9 will be kicking off the new year with a novel exhibition that’ll know how to pique your interest. 

Set to be located at the heart of the Mediterranean country’s capital, Tunis will be home to a new kind of exhibition that will explore ideas of time and future through the work of several Palestinian artists and beyond who have delicately taken on this, now more than ever, relevant theme.

Stretching from this January 6 to February 13, the event, titled “Here After”, is designed to be a multidisciplinary gathering bringing creatives from various fields involving publishing practices, literature and video. 

Whilst we wait for the exhibiton’s full programme to be announced in the new year, some artists taking part include Palestinian Larissa Sansour, Kayfa Ta co-founder Ala Younis, Ramallah-based DJ Muqataa and British-Palestinian writer Selma Debbagh. 

Curated by Karim Sultan with graphics commissioned from Palestinian-led platform Lifta Volumes, B7L9 is saying hello to 2022 in the best of ways. 

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