Workout Gear Perfect for Every Hijabi

Stylish active-wear that’s modest too

Finding workout gear that’ is both comfortable and cute is a difficult task for anyone. For some reason, someone somewhere decided that strappy tank tops with busy patterns and skin-tight leggings you can barely breathe in were the universal workout uniform.


While that might be great for some women, it can be limiting for others. If you’re looking for anything beyond, you’ll most likely be left with minimal options. That’s not to say that it’s hard difficult to find sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirts, but when everything of the sort comes in only black and white with basic, thoughtless design, it becomes clear that the active–wear market has only one consumer in mind, and it’s not hijabis.


But, progress is being made, especially considering Nike’s launch of the Nike Pro Hijab. And as long as athleisure remains a thing, hijabis finding workout gear that satisfies modest ideals is certainly less difficult today than before.


Still, to make your search a lot less tedious, we’ve browsed the internet to come up with 5 staples perfect for every hijabi who loves a good workout:  



Adidas Z.N.E Slim Pants



80 USD / 345 AED



REEBOK Mock Turtleneck



45 USD / 175 AED



Adidas Originals XBYO Sweatpants


65 USD / 350 AED



Puma evoKNIT Long Sleeve T-Shirt

45 USD / 220 AED



Adidas Off Field Hoodie



80 USD / 345 AED

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