5 Things To Do in Kuwait City

From snorkelling day-trips to farmers markets

Kuwait’s capital city (Kuwait City)—which was once known as a quaint fishing town—now stands as an uber-modernized global capital.


Although it’s maintained its ancient fishing sites the city is now also home to a flourishing arts and culture scene.


We look to the liberal gulf city and give you the ultimate guide on what to do whether you’re there for a long weekend or a fully fledged holiday.  


Qout Market


Qout market is a must-do in Kuwait City. The organization is a huge attraction for Kuwaiti foodies, bringing together local farmers to sell farm produce and artisanal food products as well as various crafts sourced from vendors from all over the world. It’s perfect to stroll through on the weekends. They’ve just finished their fifth season, so keep an eye out for the next edition.




Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre


As one of the largest centres of its kind in the world, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre is definitely worth a visit, and if not for the 22 galleries and 1100 exhibits housed inside, then certainly for its architecture—it even won the ABB LEAF Award for Public Building of the Year in 2017. The museum complex is open to the public six days a week, but keep an eye on their website for new exhibition openings.




Community Table


Another must-visit for foodies is Community Table. The concept was birthed in 2013, and they’ve since hosted pop-up menus all over the city. The organization highlights the work of local chefs and farmers, as well as local artists who design their custom pop-ups.




Souq Al Mubarakiya


To get a real taste of the local scene, a visit to Souq al Mubarakeya is a must. As one of the oldest souks in Kuwait, the market is home to vendors that have been there for decades, trading goods well before the country’s oil boom. Whether you’re looking to do a little shopping, or people watch as you sip on tea—there’s something to do for everyone at the old market.


Kubbar Island


For those more into the outdoors, be sure to take a trip to Kubbar Island. The relatively small island is just 30 kilometers off the coast of Kuwait, and is known for its clear waters and coral reefs—perfect for a day spent snorkelling or scuba diving.

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