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Algiers mosque

5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Algiers

Uncovering the little-known North African capital

Algiers mosque

Of all nations in North Africa, Algeria remains the most undiscovered to most people. With an economy that is highly dependent on the country’s natural resources—tourism has notably never been a focus.

That doesn’t mean it has little to offer, in fact it’s quite the opposite. From 1,000-year-old mosques and unparalleled Mediterranean vistas, a visit to any city in Algeria will leave you wanting to see more. But to start things off, we’ve turned our focus towards the country’s capital city.

Whether you’re already planning a visit or just have the city on your bucket list, we’ve got you covered. MILLE rounds up the five must-see destinations in Algiers

The Casbah

The Casbah in Algiers
As one of Algiers’ most iconic locations, a visit to the Casbah is a must. The UNESCO World Heritage site is essentially the city’s very own medina, overlooking ancient Carthaginian trading-posts from the 4
th Century. 

The National Museum of Modern Art

The National Museum of Modern Art in AlgiersEven if contemporary art isn’t high on your priority list, the beauty of the building alone will make a visit worth it. Be sure to check out their website for an updated list of current exhibitions.

The Cathedral du Sacre Coeur

The Cathedral du Sacre Coeur in AlgiersThe building (which was only finished in 1956) makes the cathedral Algiers’ newest, and arguably its most stunning. 

Le Saint George Hotel

Le Saint George Hotel in Algiers
If you’re wondering where to grab a drink in the city, don’t waste your time searching for a bar. Your best bet is opting for one of the city’s hotels. Le Saint George is a local favourite. 

L’Aero Habitat in Telemly

L’Aero Habitat in TelemlyIf you’re looking to get a feel for an authentic Algiers, you’ll have to put aside an evening walk through the neighbourhood of L’Aero-Habitat. Disciples of the legendary Le Corbusier designed the district, which is made of four buildings and 300 apartments.

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