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6 Palestinian Photojournalists Capturing the Everyday Reality in Gaza

With false news reporting being the precedent, here is the truth as told by Palestinian journalists

In the past two weeks, the world has been exposed to numerous journalists that will go down in history as some of the most complicit voices in crimes against humanity since World War 2. By spreading misinformation, pushing propaganda and a narrative that is far from the truth, many corporate reporters from the mainstream media are openly advocating for murder and the ethnic-cleansing of innocent civilians in Palestine. Thus, we have chosen to highlight those voices that are on the other side of the spectrum— journalists and reporters who continue to put their lives at risk in the name of documenting the truth. 

Amidst the non-stop carpet bombing in Gaza, these courageous Palestinian photographers and photojournalists pick up their cameras and bravely document the relentless attacks and massacres while they risk losing their lives any second. They continue to document despite the unimaginable trauma they are enduring after losing members of their own family, watching children being murdered before their own eyes, and witnessing hospitals and churches being destroyed amid electricity and internet outages, and a lack of food and water. Despite all this, they use their lenses, phones, and words, in the name of truth and as a form of resistance amidst a deepening humanitarian crisis.

As we enter the 13th consecutive day of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza strip, the Gaza Health Ministry has reported a total of 3,785 Palestinians have been killed and 12,493 wounded. Of the total death toll, 1,524 were children and 1,000 were women, ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said during a press conference. 

To stay accurately informed and combat the spread of misinformation, we suggest following these Palestinian photojournalists on Instagram who share regular updates on the escalating humanitarian crisis. 

Moataz Aziza

Moataz Aziza is a photojournalist who has been diligently and courageously providing live updates from the Gaza strip, offering an accurate lens into the unfolding war crimes by the occupying forces. On Oct.12, Aziza, tragically discovered that 15 members of his own family were killed by an Israeli airstrike, yet he continues to provide the world real-time insight into the ongoing atrocities.    

Plestia Alaqad

At just 22-years-old, journalist Plestia Alaqad continues to share her experiences amidst the heart-wrenching turmoil. With two smartphones in hand, Alaqad offers her followers a glimpse into the extensive destruction unfolding everyday, providing firsthand insight into the unjust realities that are occurring as we speak. “I’m trying to explain some things but I think you can hear them now,” she says as bombs can be explicitly heard in one of the chilling videos she posted. 

Ahmed Hijazi 

According to Al Jazeera, Ahmed Hijazi was one of the first people to arrive at the al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza hours after the carpet bombing had first ensued. Hijazi is a content creator and program presenter with a total of 1.3 million followers. “There is nothing left in Gaza. The war has destroyed any beauty and has devastated so much,” he says, using his Instagram page to showcase what is going on. Before the attacks on Gaza began, HIjazi used his social media presence to shed light on community initiatives and offer a glimpse of life under occupation in Gaza, with an emphasis on its beauty. 

Yousef Mema 

Yousef Mema is a Palestinian pediatric intensive care nurse (PIDU), social media activist, and humanitarian, as his Instagram bio reads. He also adds, “I live in the largest open air prison, Gaza.” Mema uses his Instagram account to provide daily updates on the escalating humanitarian crisis, accurately reporting the locations of each airstrike, alongside the casualties reported, as they happen.  

Mohammed Zaanoun 


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“The smell of death is everywhere,” says the Palestinian photographer as he documents life under constant bombardment in Gaza right now. As an award-winning photojournalist with more than 15 years of experience, Mohammed Zaanoun captures both the pain and the admirable spirit of resistance with two cameras, a press vest, and a helmet, allowing him to share details of the unfolding events in Gaza with the world. 

Mohamed Al Masri

“This aggression against innocents must stop immediately,” reads a caption by Mohamed Al Masri under a heartbreaking video of a Palestinian girl suffering the heinous effects of an airstrike. The photojournalist is among the other courageous reporters on-ground heroically documenting pivotal events as they unfold in real time.

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