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Anghami and The Saudi Music Commission Launch New Program To Empower Future Musicians


If you’re an aspiring musician in Saudi Arabia, then keep on reading. Anghami, the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the MENA region and The Saudi Music Commission just recently kicked off the “MOJA” program, an initiative aimed to nurture the music community in the Kingdom and give local talents a global platform to shine. 

MOJA aims to provide budding music graduates and artists with the essential skills needed to jumpstart their music careers through a series of selected workshops delivered by producers, sound engineers, composers, and industry experts. 

Paul Pacifico, CEO of the Saudi Music Commission, sees the initiative an an opportunity to redefine the Kingdom’s music scene globally. He expressed, “Through this program, we not only promote the growth of new musical talents, but also enable them to display their unique art to the world.” Pacifico added, “The program will firmly position Saudi Arabia at the forefront as a hub for musical innovation and creative experimentation.”

Participants are able to choose from five different genres, which includes hip-hop, remixes, tarab, fosha, and Saudi pop, and the chance to venture into the art of songwriting, composing, producing, arranging, and mixing. Gaining both a handful of experience and expertise under the guidance of professionals. 

“We are proud to have highly experienced mentors on board for MOJA, whose expertise will guide and inspire candidates and talents,” said Kamil Abi Khalil, Head of Production at Anghami. He added, “The program will provide intensive education, enabling participants to produce five exceptional songs of various music genres. Graduating 100 candidates who are fully prepared to embark on their music careers is a testament to the program’s effectiveness.”

Applications are now open and the deadline is Aug. 30.  The workshops will be held in Riyadh from Aug. 27 to Sept. 28, with the final graduation taking place on Oct. 7. Applicants are required to be residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with and must be at least 16-years-old. For more information on the program visit MOJA’s website.

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