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We Asked 7 Arab Grandmas Their Ultimate Dating Advice

Love life wisdom from your favourite tetas

Whether you call her teta, sety or mima, chances are your arab grandma is nothing short of witty, hilarious, and of course, endearingly old-fashioned.  

Spending time with her means hours spent listening to timeless stories breaking down your family history as she attempts to stuff your face with a seven course meal in one sitting. 

But if you’ve hit your mid-twenties, there’s one direction every conversation always eventually heads: marriage. You’ve probably heard the question “Why aren’t you married yet?” more often than you can recall at this point. 

While it can be a nuisance, nothing is more valuable than her unsolicited dating advice. If you ever needed a little reminder, or wondered what other grandmas offer up their grandkids, we asked 7 Arab grandmas what they have to say: 

To her soon-to-be-married granddaughter:
“If you give all the honey before marriage, he will go to another honey pot.”

To her newly-wed grandson:
“If you want to know how your wife will be in 20 years, look at her mom.”

To her 28-year-old granddaughter:
“Keep a few men on rotation then pick the one that pisses you off the least.”

To her grandson who can’t seem to find the one:
“If you meet a good man, marry his sister.”

To her newly-wed granddaughter:
“If he gets used to being lazy in the first months, you won’t ever be able to change it.”

To her imprudent 24-year-old grandson:
“Don’t be fooled by a woman’s beauty, even oleander flowers taste bitter.”

To her grandson dealing with trust issues:
“Don’t be afraid of loud women, it’s the quiet ones plotting behind your back.”

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