Chanel and Apple Music Release Exclusive Playlists

This is what Chanel sounds like.

Fashion and technology have been intertwining for quite some time, but the latest collaboration is easily the most epic – Chanel and Apple. A few days ago the iconic fashion house announced that it will now be releasing its expertly curated playlists with the tech giant’s music streaming service.


Playlists are accessible to all Apple Music subscribers by simply searching for ‘The Sound of CHANEL’. If you’re a fan of insta-famous runway sound designer Michel Gaubert, you’re in for a treat – he curated the music for the latest show so you can sit and stream his aural delights.


And then there’s Pharrell Williams—who’s had a long-standing relationship with the house—has also created a series of exclusive playlists curated for Chanel.


Listen to the playlists here.

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