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DIDE Is the Alleged Premier League Footballer-Turned-MC Driving the Internet Crazy

*switches onto detective Conan mode*

Whenever a new artist breaks into the scene, the internet is usually quick to uncover all there is to know about them, especially when their come-up, from the outside at least, seems to have occurred overnight. When it comes to the world of rap, it’s never that hard to figure out where an MC comes from, who their references are, and what their style is all about, as all of these details are quite literally sung out loud and owned up to proudly in their own lyrics, feeding fans, curious listeners and sometimes even the feds, with precious intel and insight into their routines and everyday lives. 

Sometimes, however, background-checking a lyricist can prove to be an arduous task with a handful of artists keen on remaining anonymous before, during, and after their leap into the mainstream spheres of Rhythm And Poetry. Cultivating a sense of mystery can be an intentional strategy for some, as it can create a sense of allure and intrigue for their audience. For others, it’s simply a reflection of their desire to isolate their personal life from their artistic pursuits. For the mysterious viral rapper Dide though, keeping his identity unknown by wearing a custom-made mask in front of cameras and his growing audience is a way to separate his football stardom from the attention he’s currently generating from his music.

From what we know so far, the masked rapper is 23 -years-old, most probably born, bred, and based in London, and plays in a top-flight Premier League club, although no one seems to know which one exactly— and that’s pretty much it. His official YouTube channel, which was created in January 2022  boasts three different tracks, two freestyles, and one official music video, that have all rapidly garnered over a million views combined. Active since March of this year, his promising jump into the UK’s sonic scene has left internet users stunned by the amount of talent, creativity, and depth there is to be found in his lyrics. What’s more, the fact that the athlete-slash-rapper plays for a potential title-winning football club has made listeners put on their detective glasses and scrutinize every line and bar in an effort to uncover the mysterious artist’s name, field position, and club.


In the past 10-days, social media platforms have been flooded with all sorts of theories of who could be behind the rose-embroidered balaclava, and of the thousands of suggestions, only two feel credible based on the available evidence and analysis.

His most popular release to date, Thrill, is set in the vibrant city of London and features lyrics that hint towards the idea that a potential Arsenal FC player could be the one spitting bars behind the mask. Claiming that his “team stay winning” and that “every game is like a final,” the Gunners who have been on a stellar streak this year and who might finally be crowned as England’s best team of the season almost two decades after their last decoration, seem like the Premiere League club he’s most likely talking about. 


Speculation has led internet sleuths to point towards Eddie Nketiah, the British-Ghanaian forward who plays for Arsenal, is 23, and whose first name happens to be an almost perfect anagram of “Dide.” Several eagle-eyed Twitter users have also uncovered old video clips of Nketiah rapping in a car a couple of years back, making him one of the prime suspects right now.

With most fingers pointed at Arsenal’s number 14, others have come up with another profile that seems to also match the self-description of the rapper. After having spotted a diamond tattoo above Dide’s wrist in his video clip, eyes are now locked on Sheyi Ojo, who currently plays for Cardiff FC. Despite him being 25 and not playing for the most successful of clubs, pictures circulating of him online have shown him with the exact same tattoo, leading some to speculate that he is either the rapper or has a connection to him. However, it is important to note that without confirmation from either party yet, these speculations remain just that.

Dide isn’t the first footballer to dabble in hip-hop. In the past, Daniel Sturridge, Jese Rodriguez, and Memphis Depay have all tried their hands at a rap career, meanwhile, there are several rappers who were athletes before they started to focus on music.  Only time will tell whether we will ever find out who the enigmatic rapper actually is and who he plays for, but as of right now, the only thing we can wish for is that whoever is behind the mask has a fulfilling career both on and off the pitch. 

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