Could Imam Bakss Be Dubai’s Most Exciting Young Designer?

Think Margiela cuts and 2000s R&B music videos

Deconstruction has been trending for the last few seasons, with emerging brands like Y/Project and A-Cold-Wall leading the way. In Dubai, 20-year-old Pakistani designer Ahsan Imam Bakss has created a collection that’s overflowing with Margiela-esque references to deconstruction. Creating the entire range from his bedroom, Imam Bakss’ first collection is now available at General 3am and includes a multitude of beautifully abstract designs.

“I identify more to ‘artist’ than ‘designer’”, says Imam Bakss discussing his practice, which he refers to as “the art of making clothes”. The brand itself doesn’t even have a name “because they are recognizable”, he explains. When looking at his imaginative designs, and his own personal style—which looks like it’s straight out of an early 2000s R&B video— it becomes obvious that the young self-taught creative is clearly having fun with his clothes. “I used to follow trends when I was younger, now I just do whatever I want”, he continues.

His style, concept and process are inherently experimental. Imam Bakss (who initially started by making clothes for himself) randomly selects and buys second-hand clothes from vintage shops, and will leave them untouched for weeks at a time until he’s inspired enough to rework them. It’s all based off of instinct.

Carefully merging each item together, the result is a collection of oversized t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and jeans that position Imam Bakks as one of the most exciting designers in Dubai – a fact he’s not afraid of admitting himself: “In five years I see myself as one of the region’s best designers”.



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